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Goldfish Unboxing: Dandy Orandas

We’ve got new fish! After finally getting moved into our new house we’ve recently begun expanding our goldfish operation. That of course means time for some goldfish unboxing. At the latest Petco dollar per gallon sale we added six more forty gallon breeders and a few other tanks. The addition of these tanks pretty much finish us out for our plans inside. Of course, this spring we have big plans for outside!

All this extra space we’ve added means of course means more goldfish. Over the last few weeks we’ve been keeping a close watch on the Dandy Orandas auctions and picking up a fish here and there that really caught our eye. We finally closed out with the last auction and our shipment is in. We purchased three red and white butterfly telescopes and a chocolate butterfly telescope.

Arielle has plans to breed the red and whites and I’ll be breeding the chocolate. We have more red and whites on the way coming from Coast Gem to round out our breeding group for those. The chocolates being slightly harder to come by are going to be a long term project of mine.

We’ve got lots of more fish to come as we gear up for spring, both purchases and our own fry. New arrivals will of course mean more goldfish unboxing, so keep an eye out for that. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for those videos and lots of other goldfish content.

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