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Surprise Fry

We’ve got fry! Well, we’ve got lots of fry. We have two spawnings that are about a week old now. However this post isn’t about them. We’ve recently added many new tanks and so I’ve been fishless cycling them. To get that process kick started when I set them up I added some established media from our other tanks. We’d had a couple of in tank spawns recently that we were not interesting in keeping so we just left the eggs to the mercy of the fish in the tanks which made short order of gobbling them all up. Or at least so we thought.

I think it’s safe to say we were pretty surprised to find some several weeks old fry in one of our cycling tanks as we prepared it for a new shipment of fish. There were only five of them in there. However considering how high the ammonia levels were for most of that time, how high the nitrate levels built up to, and the fact there was no food added to the tank five is still impressive. Given the conditions they were in I would say that not only did those little fry survive, but they’ve thrived. Once we saw them and how well they were doing we scooped them out and set them up in a five gallon. It’ll be interesting to watch them grow out more now that they’re on a steady diet of baby brine shrimp.


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  1. Holy cow! I would like to see what that little guy grows up to be like! Should name it Takeshi-Japanese for fighter/warrior

    • It’s probably about time for an update post on them. They’re probably a little short of two inches now. Unfortunately the calico has a fused tail and not exactly the best coloring. It’ll be kept long term though for the fact that it’s the first calico offspring. Just won’t ever be more than a pet fish. The first batch of hand spawned calicos are looking amazing though. They’re also due for a post.

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