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Over the last month or so since Ken started listing his new shipment we’ve been picking up a few fish here and there preparing for a big shipment. This auction before last closed out our order and on Tuesday we got our new fish in. This time around we got three big blue orandas and two more chocolate butterfly telescopes.

We plan to almost immediately try to breed the blue orandas so keep your eye out for a post about that spawn in the next month. We were told that Ken had to separate the orandas because they were ferociously trying to spawn and dirtying up his water. So that should be a good sign for our goals. Ideally I think we’d like to have two spawns from them this quarter to grow out over the next year so that be next summer we can potentially have a gen two. Right now we’re working on fattening them up with Repashy Spawn and Grow and in two weeks we’ll start raising their water temperature. We may end up bringing some of those offspring to the AGA show in DC next year.

The two new chocolate butterflies are just little things under three inches, so those won’t be on the books for spawning this year. We’re just going to be growing them out for now and hopefully introduce them to the breeding pool next year. We are going to try crossing our big chocolate butterfly to one of our Thai Moors though which we hope to bring in some of their better body conformation to the line right from the start. Then next year spawn these two (hopefully by then not so) little chocolates into the mix. As a side note this month’s goldfish breeders forum call¬†was a really great discussion about coloration in goldfish and touched on the fact that chocolate is actually likely a black with a melanin concentration.

I highly suggest listening to the recording of that call if you haven’t heard it yet.

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