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New Fry Rack

The weather is finally consistently warm enough that we’re ready to move some fish outside. So we built a new fry rack to move our adolescent goldfish from January’s spawns outside and make room for some upcoming new spawns. This rack was designed to hold up to three 20 gallon longs per shelf side by side. It also has a small shelf on the side for the air pump and other misc items.

The middle row has two 20Ls with “pink” metalics and the other 20L is our “surprise” calico and red and whites. The top shelf has two 20Ls with calico and red and white and the last 20L is lavender. All of these are telescope butterflies.

The bottom shelf has three empty 20Ls. We already have the tanks but nothing immediately planned for them.


Petco has their dollar per gallon sale going on right now so we went ahead and got eight 20Ls and then rounded out the rack with a 20L we already had on hand.

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