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Goldfish Fry Rack: Fry Rack Build Plans

I’ve been asked several times about providing plans for our recent goldfish fry rack build. This isn’t exactly a perfect to scale set of blueprints or instructions but this is a simple enough build that it should get you by. The goldfish fry rack I built has three shelves to hold three 20L aquariums side by side per shelf. It holds a total of nine 20Ls in the rack.


Bill of Materials

  • Ten 2x4s
  • Six 1x8s
  • 156 10×2 1/2″ Deck screws

Build Notes

I started with building a basic frame for each shelf with a single center support. Then I used the long pieces to form the front of the frame, sandwiching the shorter pieces. For the top I used four 1x8s form the top of each shelf. Due to the length of the tanks I spaced each plank about two millimeters apart. The important thing is that you make sure that the planks at each edge are flush with the edge of the frame. You need to do this to ensure that the entire length of the aquariums are supported. These shelves are a perfect fit for the tanks as I planned them. I then attached the shelves to the upright posts with four deck screws per corner.

Goldfish Fry Rack Plans

Goldfish fry rack plans

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