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Water Changing Goldfish: A How To

Today I wanted to share with you a how to on our process for water changing goldfish. The blue orandas you see in the video are part of a shipment from Dandy Orandas that we received about six weeks ago so they are still in quarantine. We follow this same process for all of our water changes to try and minimize cross contamination between tanks.

Water Changing Goldfish

Emptying the tanks

We have four pond pumps that we use to drain our tanks. Our GP (general population) pump is for fish we’ve either had for about a six months or that we bred ourselves. We also have Q1-3 pumps for different batches of fish currently still in quarantine. We keep the pumps coiled up in labeled buckets when not in use.

Water treatment

I like to add in half the water treatment in two doses. I add half before starting to refill the tanks and the other half at the end. The water treatment bottle I pour from in the video is Seachem Prime. However we’ve actually switched to using Seachem Safe. We premix the Safe and pour into that Prime bottle for easier use. Safe is effectively the same as Prime and obviously comes from the same manufacturer. We’ve found that because Safe comes as a concentrate it’s much more cost effective for how often we water change goldfish.

Filling the tanks

The water changer we use is an Aqueon Water Changer 50. I’ve atached two shop lamp clamps it, one is for attaching it to the “stand” and the other is to keep the hose from bending sharply and getting kinked. I built that stand to attach the clamp to so that the clamp stays completely out of the water while we water change goldfish. This helps us avoid cross contamination between tanks. Having the water changer out of the water also provides lots of aeration to ensure the water degases immediately

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