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Yellow Butterfly Telescope – 2017 Breeding Goals

2017 Breeding Goals

As 2016 is coming to a close it’s come time for a sort of tradition amongst those of us that visit the Goldfish Keepers website to post our breeding goals for the coming year. We have many goals for 2017 when it comes to breeding seeing as how we plan to expand our outside capacity greatly once again. Out of those goals though one of my personal projects that I’m most excited about beginning is creating a line of yellow butterfly telescope.


Yellow butterfly telescopes are a project I’ve wanted to pursue for about two years now. I spent 2016 planning out my breeding strategy and collecting starting stock for the breeding program. Originally my plan was to start with a yellow tamasaba from raingarden and cross it to a black moor. My idea being that the tamasaba was likely to carry the demelanizing gene to lose the black. This would make it less likely I’d have other colors to fight against while working on the telescope traits.

Original Stock

To that original end I purchased a tamasaba and a pua’a (pig) from raingarden earlier this year. These are both really nice yellow single tailed fish. To be honest I mostly got the pua’a because I thought it was a really cute fish. The pua’a is a short tailed fish but stubbier than a common. However the tamasaba carries the body shape much closer to a traditional fancy goldfish. So that body was what I was really after for the breeding program.

Yellow tamasaba

Not long after I got the tamasaba I lucked out and Dandy Orandas started posting yellow telescope comets on their auctions. These fish were also single tailed and more of a comet body but already had telescope eyes. Clearly someone at the farms Dandy Orandas imports from is also working on my goal. What works well for me though is that they already started the process and I can piggy back their work.

Yellow Butterfly Telescope

Apparently just like lightening luck can actually strike twice. A month ago a fellow breeder and friend of ours Matt Lyon posted some outcrosses from his lavender butterfly telescope line on Facebook. One of those fish immediately caught my eye and my interest. Out of all the fish from Matt’s outcrosses he ended up with one yellow butterfly telescope. Even better yet because Matt’s lavenders are blue belly dilutes the yellow is also blue belly. The blue belly with this coloring makes it the best yellow I’ve ever seen in person.

Yellow butterfly telescope

Best case scenario I’ll be able to cross the yellow butterfly telescope I got from Matt with the yellow telescope comet. Since telescope eyes are recessive this is ideal as I should get telescope eyes in the first generation offspring. I will have to contend with single tails but will likely still end up with double tailed breeders for the second generation. The blue belly is also recessive so that won’t likely express in the first generation. If all goes well though I would end up with double tailed yellow telescopes in my first generation, that’s a major shortcut from where I expected to be next year!

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  1. It seems like I just saw some of these bright yellow telescopes within the last week or so, maybe on ebay under live fish? I for one can’t wait to find one or two to add to our tank!

    Here is another one I’d LOVE to find here in the U.S.

    Rare white panda fancy goldfish
    V & L Aquarium , Australia

    I wrote to him on fb but he doesn’t have an export license 🙁 so he can’t sell them to us. So here’s another project I have lined up for ya! Hahaha. Good luck, please put me on your waiting list for these fish 🙂

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