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Winter Spawning Goldfish – Breeding For Christmas

A couple years ago a member of the Goldfish Keepers forum asked where in the United States was the best place for keeping and breeding goldfish. Dave Mandley’s answer was North Carolina. Now, I’m not sure if it’s true that North Carolina is the best place in the country for breeding goldfish but we do have a lot of advantages. We have hot summers and moderate winters with few freezes. These make for great conditions for keeping goldfish outside year round. Continue Reading

Growing Goldfish in Green Water

Summer is a great time for goldfish. Our spawns from early spring have been outside enjoying the sunlight in 110 gallon stock tanks getting fat and happy. The warm weather, lots of space, and long days of sunlight does wonders for their growth and development. There’s an added benefit to being out in the sun… Continue Reading

Waverly Goldfish News Update!

Waverly Goldfish News Update!

So I thought it was about time we give you an update on what’s been happening here at Waverly Goldfish. Posts have been a little light lately, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes I promise. Here’s a run down on what’s been happening lately and some teasers about things coming up in the… Continue Reading

Water Changing Goldfish: A How To

Today I wanted to share with you a how to on our process for water changing goldfish. The blue orandas you see in the video are part of a shipment from Dandy Orandas that we received about six weeks ago so they are still in quarantine. We follow this same process for all of our water changes… Continue Reading

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