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Goldfish Fry Rack: Fry Rack Build Plans

I’ve been asked several times about providing plans for our recent goldfish fry rack build. This isn’t exactly a perfect to scale set of blueprints or instructions but this is a simple enough build that it should get you by. The goldfish fry rack I built has three shelves to hold three 20L aquariums side by… Continue Reading

New Fry Rack

The weather is finally consistently warm enough that we’re ready to move some fish outside. So we built a new fry rack to move our adolescent goldfish from January’s spawns outside and make room for some upcoming new spawns. This rack was designed to hold up to three 20 gallon longs per shelf side by… Continue Reading

Latest Goldfish Unboxing

Over the last month or so since Ken started listing his new shipment we’ve been picking up a few fish here and there preparing for a big shipment. This auction before last closed out our order and on Tuesday we got our new fish in. This time around we got three big blue orandas and… Continue Reading

Surprise Fry

We’ve got fry! Well, we’ve got lots of fry. We have two spawnings that are about a week old now. However this post isn’t about them. We’ve recently added many new tanks and so I’ve been fishless cycling them. To get that process kick started when I set them up I added some established media from our… Continue Reading

Goldfish Unboxing: Dandy Orandas

We’ve got new fish! After finally getting moved into our new house we’ve recently begun expanding our goldfish operation. That of course means time for some goldfish unboxing. At the latest Petco dollar per gallon sale we added six more forty gallon breeders and a few other tanks. The addition of these tanks pretty much… Continue Reading

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