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Growing Goldfish in Green Water

Summer is a great time for goldfish. Our spawns from early spring have been outside enjoying the sunlight in 110 gallon stock tanks getting fat and happy. The warm weather, lots of space, and long days of sunlight does wonders for their growth and development. There’s an added benefit to being out in the sun though and that’s “green water”. Growing goldfish in green water provides a free and easy boost to the development of your goldfish.

Inside, in a display tank positioned near a window green water is the bane of many aquarium hobbyists. This is understandable, as the water can make it hard to see and appreciate your fish and to the uninitiated visitor it may appear you’re not properly taking care of your fishy friends. Beyond what many may see as undesirable aesthetics though green water is not only harmless to your fish but can actually be quite beneficial for them. Continue Reading

Water Changing Goldfish: A How To

Today I wanted to share with you a how to on our process for water changing goldfish. The blue orandas you see in the video are part of a shipment from Dandy Orandas that we received about six weeks ago so they are still in quarantine. We follow this same process for all of our water changes… Continue Reading

Goldfish Fry Rack: Fry Rack Build Plans

I’ve been asked several times about providing plans for our recent goldfish fry rack build. This isn’t exactly a perfect to scale set of blueprints or instructions but this is a simple enough build that it should get you by. The goldfish fry rack I built has three shelves to hold three 20L aquariums side by… Continue Reading

New Fry Rack

The weather is finally consistently warm enough that we’re ready to move some fish outside. So we built a new fry rack to move our adolescent goldfish from January’s spawns outside and make room for some upcoming new spawns. This rack was designed to hold up to three 20 gallon longs per shelf side by… Continue Reading

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