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Do you ship outside the US: We are neither goldfish importers nor exporters, we’re simply hobbyist goldfish breeders. As such we can only ship goldfish within the United States.

What is your guarantee: We guarantee live arrival. Beyond that there are so many variables in play such as your water parameters and quality, filtration, stocking levels, and diseases or parasites already found within your tanks. We can make no further guarantee once the fish are in your care. The fish we sell are almost exclusively bred by us and will have been in our care for on average around six months. Any fish with known health issues or genetic defects visible to us are removed long before being listed for sale. For full details please refer to our DoA Policy.

Where do your fish come from: Nearly all fish offered for sale in our store are bred by us. The only exception may be fish raised by us that came from exchanges of batches of fry with other breeders. Even in this case the fish were bred in the US, raised by us as fry or juveniles, and have been in our care for on average six months. Any fish not bred by us will be clearly labelled as such in it’s listing page, all fish not marked as such should be assumed to be bred by us.

When do you post new fish: We post fish when we have fish that are ready for sale. We’ll generally post fish to the store front in batches of 12-15 when we have a spawn that’s reached a readiness for sale. We put them up in batches as we’ll separate the fish that are for sale into separate holding tanks for final observation. When fish from the batch are mostly sold we will restock the holding tanks and post another batch of fish. Typically this will happen on Monday/Tuesday after shipments goe out.

Help I need fish keeping advice: We’re a two person team and both of us have full time careers. Breeding and keeping goldfish is our hobby. We want to do right by you by providing the best fish and best service possible. However we cannot possibly help every person individually with every fish keeping question. So, as a matter of policy we do not answer general care, keeping, or medical questions. There are hundreds of people in the community ready to jump in and help you and we believe fully in crowd support. Please consult the Goldfish Keepers Forum or the many goldfish FaceBook groups for answers to your questions.

What payments do you accept: We only accept payment through our storefront via PayPal, but this includes both checkout with a PayPal account or any payment methods PayPal accepts such as credit cards.

How does shipping work: We ship via USPS Priority mail. To minimize the number of trips for shipping all shipments are sent on Monday morning. Shipping costs are calculated at check out based on the number and size of your fish. We fast all fish for a minimum of three days before shipping. This means that purchases made before Friday will ship on the coming Monday, purchases made Friday and after are shipped the week following. We will send a shipment tracking number on Sunday.

Can I pickup my fish locally: As we are hobbyists with no physical store front and operate out of our home we do not allow local pickup or visits.

Can you hold a fish for me: We will hold your fish from shipping for one additional week on top of our regular shipping schedule. We have limited holding space and holding purchased fish means we cannot move new fish from grow out into holding to prepare for sale.

What about cancellations: All order cancelations will result in a 10% (of your total order cost) cancelation fee. We reserve the right to ban from any future purchases over cancelation at our discretion. Please be sure you’re ready and able to care for a fish before completing your order.

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