Hikari Goldfish Gold (Hikari Gold)


Hikari Goldfish Gold 300g (10.5oz) size

Hikari Goldfish Gold baby pellet is specially formulated to bring out the vibrant colors in goldfish and baby koi. Rich in carotene, an easily assimilated color enhancer, Goldfish Gold starts your pet off right during that all important first year. The carefully balanced nutrients and vitamins will keep your aquatic pet healthy and full of energy. After only a short time feeding Hikari Goldfish Gold, your goldfish or baby koi will begin to look their best.


  • Will Not Cloud The Water
  • Contains Stabilized Vitamin C
    • Supports immune system health
    • Promotes a long, healthy life
  • Excellent Color Enhancing, Daily Diet
    • Outstanding nutrition
    • Contains carotene for active color enhancement which will bring our your fish’s true beauty
    • Great taste

** Waverly Goldfish Note: We personally do not feed our goldfish floating pellets due to potential for swim bladder issues. We believe that if floating pellets are included in a goldfish diet they are more suited as a supplement than a main staple.

crude protein – min 32%, crude fat – min 4%, crude fiber – max 3%, crude ash – max 12%
Ingredients: fish meal, flaked corn, rice bran, wheat flour, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, krill meal, brewers dried yeas, garlic, phaffia dried yeast, astaxanthin, grape seed extract, vitamins, minerals

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